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August 2016
Feasibility Study for public buildings in Chernigov is completed.....
May 2016
Energy audits of 46 public buildings in Kalush are completed.....
December 2015
Energy audits of 38public buildings in Dneprodzerzhinsk are completed.....
September 2015
Management of the company took part in united conference "Energy Efficiency 2015"......
July 2015
Consulting Services for PIU Support and Monitoring of implementation of project "Modernization of street lighting of Myrhorod" is complete

ESCO "Ecological Systems" (ESCO ECOSYS) is a Ukrainian leading energy service company, established in 1991. ESCO ECOSYS is one of the first energy service companies (ESCO) in Ukraine. The company specialized in the design, implementation, evaluation and preparation to financing of energy efficiency programs and projects. The firm boasts a long experience in energy efficiency, renewable energy and information services.


Limited liability company “АRNICA-Center” was established in 2001 with the purpose to perform works in the field of architectural and engineering design and energy efficiency.

The Company owns licenses and certificates for performing these kinds of work. The Company has highly skilled architects, engineers and experts on energy efficiency, and also all necessary equipment. For ten years of work the experts of the Company have developed several hundreds of architectural and engineering projects, energy audits and feasibility study of energy efficiency measures in buildings, industrial and municipal enterprises. The Company actively cooperates with both Ukrainian and foreign companies and experts.


"PromEconomService" Corp. provides scientific and technical development and implementation of our own energy and environmental technologies. Our know-hows are utilized in the energy, industry and housing and communal services.


The Norwegian-Ukrainian programme is operated by Norsk Energi, in cooperation with Ukrainian partners. Under the conditions of energy saving and alternate energy growing demand in Ukraine, appears new sources of funding, including via carbon credits. However, despite an abundance of interesting project ideas, most of them require assistance in design of competent business plans for obtaining loans or investments.

Program is focused on providing of free of charge assistance for Ukrainian companies and specialists for the preparation and implementation of projects on energy efficiency and renewable energy sources, development of financing schemes for projects with involvement of carbon investments and loans from international financial institutions.




Norsk Energi is a leading Norwegian consulting company in the fields of energy, environment and safety. Company is primarily linked to projects that reduce energy consumption and harmful emissions: the expansion of district heating with environmentally friendly energy sources, energy efficient industrial processes and fuel switch to renewable energy. Norsk Energi conducts energy audits and environmental audits and develops environmental and climate strategies for private companies. International climate change projects are also among core activities.



The Tajik-Norwegian Small-scale Hydropower Initiative was initiated by the signing of a bilateral Memorandum of understanding between the Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Energy and Industry of the Republic of Tajikistan April 27, 2010. The Norwegian companies Econ Pöyry and Norsk Energi have been appointed project executers on behalf for the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. To support the implementation of joint projects under this initiative an independent SHPD Expert Center – SHPD has been established and was be trained by the Norwegian companies. In the beginning of 2012 Center as a part of sustainability plan start promoting its’ own brand TajHydro Consulting in local consultancy market.

Small Hydro Power is one of the dynamic and developing sectors in Tajikistan and our company strives to be one of the leading in the development of investment projects in small hydropower in Tajikistan and the dominant thought leader on the reform of the sector and the implementation of the hydropower potential of Tajikistan, through cooperation with local authorities, international donor organizations and private investors.

TajHydro Consulting is a relatively new player in small hydro power development in Tajikistan. But for the short period of time our company established partnership relations with main stakeholders in energy sector, including Ministry of energy and industry, Joint Stock Holding Company “Barki Tojik”(Tajik Energy), Association of Power Engineers and international organizations like OSCE, JICA, World Bank office, UNDP, GIZ, CJSC “Pamir Energy”.







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