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August 2016
Feasibility Study for public buildings in Chernigov is completed.....
May 2016
Energy audits of 46 public buildings in Kalush are completed.....
December 2015
Energy audits of 38public buildings in Dneprodzerzhinsk are completed.....
September 2015
Management of the company took part in united conference "Energy Efficiency 2015"......
July 2015
Consulting Services for PIU Support and Monitoring of implementation of project "Modernization of street lighting of Myrhorod" is complete

Spheres of company’s work

- Conducting energy audits of municipal heating systems and water supply. 

- Conducting energy audits of municipal and residential buildings (with the software product license “ENSI EAB” and “ENSI Profitability”) with the development of building energy passport for European standards.

- Development of environmental and energy efficient schemes of heating and water supply of cities in Ukraine.

- Heat, hydraulic and electrotechnical calculation of any complication. 

- Developing of energy certificates for industrial enterprises. Calculation of specific rates of power consuming.

- Conducting energy audits of different power systems (power supply, fuel supply, heat supply etc.) of industrial enterprises. Accomplishing of preliminary, complete and investment energy audits.

- Developing and inculcation of organizational and technical measures for decreasing of power inputs. Developing effective structures of management at the industrial enterprises. Management before and after inculcation of power effectiveness projects.  

- Developing of feasibility studies and business plans of energy efficient projects and emissions reductions of CO2. Monitoring of project’s effectiveness after inculcation. 

- Developing and support of power supply programs for industrial enterprises. Assistance in attracting credit resources at international «donor» programs, banks and leasing companies for inculcation energy effective projects. 

The company has an extensive experience with international organizations in the field of energy efficiency and conservation:

  1. Project USAID «Municipal heating reform in Ukraine";
  2. Program UKEEP (Ukraine Energy Efficiency Programme) - a credit facility developed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), targeting Ukrainian industrial enterprises;
  3. World Bank Group;
  4. NEFCO.


Managers of ESCO «EnergoEngineering» are members of «The Association of energy auditors in housing and communal services».

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